Thanks for Being Here!


Hey, everyone! JG here! I work in the entertainment industry by day, write and produce artistic content by night, and live the glimmering dream of soaking up the southern California sun everyday of my life, of which I’m absolutely grateful.

And this site, this “Crypto Slit…” What’s it all about? First, it’s a way for me to organize the tentacles of my own Bitcoin investments and research. At this moment, I have about 20 tabs open on my computer — most of them are crytocurrency-related. I want this site to be the visualization of those tabs: what I’m reading, what I’ve learned, where I’m investing, questions I might have, and so on. It’ll all be worth it, because I’m doing this out of my obsession with cryptocurrency. I first used Bitcoin back in the early 2000’s when I was living in Japan. I wanted to make a purchase, but being a foreigner in Japan, didn’t want to go through the hassle of making a Japanese credit card. One night, I realized that I could make my purchase with Bitcoin and that Bitcoin was accessible at a kiosk at my local convenience store. I walked down, bought the amount of Bitcoin needed to make the purchase, and took care of business. It was a smooth purchase and, most importantly, allowed me to purchase something online WITHOUT using a Japanese credit card. Bitcoin was and still is brilliant.

Are you still with me? I hope so. If so, here are some immediate places where you can start growing your Bitcoin:

  • First, snag a wallet.
  • Then, head over to the following three faucets and “Claim” FREE coin. Enter your Coinpot email address and the coins will INSTANTLY appear in your account. Cool, right?
  • Those faucent sites are: Moonbit, Moonlite, and Moondoge. Trust me, they’re worth it. You can even enable Ad-block and they STILL WORK. The best part is that you can claim and claim again every 5 minutes. Study the faucets and find that sweet spot. This is a GREAT way to rack up coin.

You Made it to THE BOTTOM!

Are you still tuning your beautiful ears to this noise I’m rocking? I hope so. There’s plenty more of information COMING SOON. Trust me. And thank you. Thank you for stopping in and showing some interest. Let’s invest our time with coin and enhance our lives through the study and prosperous nature of cryptocurrency.